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  1. The Longing

From the album PULL

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Temperature is falling,
along with the leaves.
Salt on the sidewalk.
Something was easy,
about how we talked,
and what was lost.
Bullets on the breeze.

I'm sure that you still see,
the same stars as me.
But now, there's an ocean in between.
And fall again.
And frozen pen.
And in my dreams, you move me still.

If only you'd let go,
like a falling star.

Corner cafe blues.
I'm trying not to lose,
the memory of your smile.
And in a morning sigh,
I wonder why.
You could have come,
but you buried your will.

When you should have let go,
like a falling star.
You should have let go,
like a falling star.

And when you crash,
and when you break.
When you thrash,
and when you quake
in your sleep,
and the earth lifts you up,
I'll give you my blood.

And follow you home,
like a falling star.
Leave you letting go,
like a falling star.
Into my arms.